Mrs. Heidi Fry

Prerequisite: Algebra I

Believe it or not, geometry is everywhere! In order to be successful in playing a game of pool, creating video games, creating excellent photography, building furniture, even hanging pictures on your walls you must know geometry. Throughout the year, we will be using Teaching Textbooks as a platform for learning about reasoning, lines, angles, polygons, triangles, calculating areas, inequalities, and coordinates. These will all be imperative in determining how to build a tree fort and then how many zip lines you will need in order to zip from your fort to the pool you just dug. Not only is geometry awesome for all those fun reasons, but you will definitely need an understanding of geometry for the SAT and ACT. Students should have already taken an algebra course before tackling geometry.



  • Teaching Textbooks online 12-month subscription for $67.08 or... CDs (new or used).  Be sure used CDs are Version 2.0 or newer which comes with automated grading.

  • Computer with internet access (and CD drive if using CDs).

  • Protractor

  • Compass

  • Ruler

  • Colored pencils or fine tip markers (bring to class)

  • Calculator (bring to class)



  • $10 for copies payable with tuition on August 1

Geometry I Quick Reference.jpg

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