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Teaching Textbooks

EMERGE uses Teaching Textbooks, an award-winning DVD-based curriculum written by Harvard graduates, for Grade 3 through Algebra II.

Teaching Textbooks is much different than most math programs. Students watch lessons and do homework on their computer. The lessons are also available in book form for students that prefer to read rather than watch. Grading is automatic, so students get immediate feedback for each problem. If their answer is incorrect, they can watch an explanation on how to work the problem correctly. Each lesson comes with story problems that equip students to solve real-world problems. Although the problems use serious math, the tone is fun and amusing to keep kids engaged. Even students who have struggled with other math programs find that the explanations in Teaching Textbooks are easy to understand.

In class, students will review key concepts from past weeks, learn new ones for the upcoming week, and learn how their math is used in real-life situations. Students using this system are well-equipped for college-placement exams because Teaching Textbooks crafts problems that are similar to those found on exams.

All math curriculum use slightly different pacing. Please use the placement tests on to help decide which level is best for your student. Middle school students are allowed to take high school level math classes. If you’d like help deciding which level is best for your student, email

You can subscribe to the online version at or buy new or used CD sets. If buying used, be sure you choose Version 2.0 which includes automated grading.

NOTE: Reasonably priced used copies of Teaching Textbooks will be available to purchase at the Kick Off in August! EMERGE will no longer be renting copies.

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