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What would the perfect school look like for


What would the perfect school look like for your kids?

With one simple question, the vision for EMERGE was born. Ideas started coming fast: there would be a healthy balance of outside instruction and at-home learning, classes would be taught by experts who are passionate about their subject, teachers would explain why each class is important to real-life, kids would be prepared whether they chose to go to college or straight into the workforce, Christian adults would be speaking truth into student's lives, tuition would be affordable, schedules would be flexible to give time for other activities, personal responsibility would be highly valued, students would be set up for success.

What started as a fun conversation between Colleen Olsen and Janet Pannell ended with a serious mission. Clearly we had been called to open a university-model school in Bozeman and six months later, students were taking their first classes at EMERGE.

In the first year, 14 classes were offered to high school students. In the second, with enrollment nearly doubling, 38 classes were scheduled including options for 7th & 8th grade students. In the third year, enrollment went up another 70% and 6th grade was added to the school.

In the 2018-2019 school year, EMERGE became a full K-12 program.  Elementary students learn in progressive mixed-grade classrooms . 6th-8th grade students can choose from any of 40 different classes. 9th-12th grade students can choose nearly 60 classes during their high school careers which include all the courses required for graduation and admittance into most colleges.

Students are thriving, bonds are forming, and God is at work in our lives.​ So, what would the perfect school look like for your kids? If it looks like EMERGE, let's talk!


Colleen Olsen

Co-Founder & Director

Janet Pannell


Bozeman Private School

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