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Montana Home School




K-5 Tuition:


$ 1,542 per semester ($ 3,084 per year)*

$    200 estimated books and materials fee per year

*Each additional K-5 sibling receives a $150 tuition discount per year

Middle and High School Tuition per semester-long class

(Average Full-Time student tuition = $2,850-3,250 per year)

$ 200 per class (except for Spanish)* 

$ 311 per Spanish I & II class (meets twice per week)*

$ 140 per non-credit class (marked with NC on schedules)

$   78 per Math Lab and/or Work Study

$   65 per Study Hall

$ 300 estimated books and materials fees per year

Annual Fees:

K-12 Enrollment Processing Fee (non-refundable): 

(Jupiter Ed online student account, liability insurance, and class registration)


School Operations Fee*:

(Rent and facility staff)

$150 = 1 Part-Time Student

$300 = 2 Part-Time or 1 Full-Time Student

$450 = More than 2 Part-time or 1 Full-Time Student

*Based on the number of EMERGE students in each family, and may be reduced or eliminated by fulfilling a campus task.

One-Time Fee:

New Full-Time Student Assessment Fee (non-refundable after assessment)*:

(Math/Language Arts Assessments and transcript review)

$100 = 1st Student

$50 = 2nd Student

$25 = 3rd Student 

*Based on the number of EMERGE students in each family


Due Dates

  • Upon enrollment: Non-refundable Enrollment Processing Fee

  • ​August 1:

    • Fall Tuition

    • Middle School & High School: Purchase materials

  • December 1:

    • Spring Tuition

    • Middle School & High School: Purchase materials


  • Students and parents (at least one per family) agree with EMERGE's Christian statement of faith.

  • Students and parents (at least one per family) must sign that they have read and agree to abide by the EMERGE Handbook.

  • Students should be prepared to work at their highest level. All assignments are mandatory and should be completed with care.

  • High school students must graduate within four years. 

Application Process

  1. Read the EMERGE Handbook and Statement of Faith and be prepared to abide by it.

  2. Fill out a new student application.

  3. Call 406-404-0122 to schedule a meeting with Colleen Olsen, school founder & director, to confirm EMERGE is a good fit. Both the student and at least one parent should attend.

  4. Pay Enrollment Processing Fee to EMERGE School,  c/o Redeemer Church,  1701 S 19th Ave,  Bozeman, MT 59718.

  5. Schedule an advising appointment to register for classes. (MS/HS Students only)

  6. Order required books and class materials in July. (MS/HS Students only)


Class tuition refunds are given in full if the student withdraws from a course before the end of week two of each semester.

New Student Assessment Fees are refundable if the student has not been assessed.

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Application Process
Due Dates
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