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Tracking state required hours for


The state of Montana requires students to fulfill the following number of educational hours per school year.
Kindergarten: 360 hours
1st-3rd grade: 720 hours
4th-12th grade: 1080 hours

Full-time EMERGE students complete most of the required hours with EMERGE classes. The remaining hours required are fulfilled through approved learning activities that EMERGE calls "Real Life Application" hours. These hours are fulfilled with approved educational activities based on each student's own unique interests. Hours are tracked from May 1 to April 30 for each school year. At the end of each school year, you will be prompted to submit the hours. Please click here to submit hours.

Kindergarten students do not need to submit hours. No additional hours are required outside of EMERGE.

1st-5th grade students are full-time but need additional hours and are to submit hours. Please click here to submit hours.

6th-12th grade students with 5+ credits, except in the senior year, are full-time. Calculate the number of credits on the student's report card in Jupiter Ed. Semester-long classes = .5 credit and year-long classes = 1.0 credits. Then, please click here to submit hours.

Any full-time student taking a pre-approved class outside of EMERGE, including health enhancement credits, must create a homeschool transcript and submit it to an EMERGE administrator by the end of the school year. 


The charts below show an example of how students can meet their required hours.

Hours of part-time students (registered homeschoolers) are tracked by parents who are accountable to the county superintendent of schools. Please click here to confirm the student is a part-time student.

6th-12th Grade

6-12 Required Hours

K-5th Grade

K-5 Hours Required
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