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We will worship God and pray daily to start off our morning. Bible reading and discussion will be included in morning work time. We will also integrate Biblical truths and share stories from the Bible as we learn about events in history and principles of science.


Art projects will align with our history and science studies. Students will use creativity and imagination as they integrate art with learning in other subjects. Students will be encouraged to bring their work home to decorate their homes and share what they are learning.


Students will use the Easy Grammar curriculum to develop a solid understanding of grammar usage.​


Handwriting will be taught in class and at home with an emphasis on learning to read and write cursive.


Our history exploration (Years 1–4) covers ancient history through modern history, but each course stops in different places and time periods to explore in depth. Some of our topics this year will include:

  • Ancient Rome

  • Christianity in the Middle Ages

  • The History of Islam

  • The Reformation

  • The History of the Bible

  • Slavery

  • The Civil War

  • Modern History



Keyboarding skills will be taught using mostly online lessons and games. Student will need to bring a laptop or tablet to school with them for keyboarding practice.


Students will use Teaching Textbooks Math 4 or 5 unless approved to work at a higher level with more independence. In the classroom, we will complete one math lesson each week (Monday or Tuesday), play math facts games, and practice applicable real-world math such as measurements, weights, shapes, time, number sequence, money, graphing, fractions, and more. On home days, students will complete 3 more lessons per week and most quizzes. Teaching Textbooks has automated grading.


Music is a chance for every student to shine! With singing, movement, and some instruments, students will learn to appreciate music as well as begin to read and write in the languages of music. 4th and 5th graders will learn to play xylophones, which will be provided through the course materials fee. Students will participate in a Christmas program, as well as a showcase at the end of the school year.


In PE students will learn that exercise is, and should be, FUN! This class will be held outdoors whenever possible, in sun and snow. Students will learn how to play together and work on individual skills. Group games will be taught and laughter will be had during activities such as soccer, basketball, kickball, jump rope, four square, tag and many others.

 Requirements :

  • Students will need clothing appropriate for exercise.

  • Sneakers are necessary and proper outdoor attire will be expected in cold weather.

  • Older students will be encouraged to bring antiperspirants to class.


Students will choose topics, create keyword outlines and use outlines to speak to classmates in a conversational tone. We will have fun incorporating visual aids and discovering that public speaking is not so scary, after all.


Students will have an opportunity to read individually, in class and at home. We will also read some books aloud together.​


We use unit studies to explore key topics with several lessons. This year, our topics focus on Paleontology and weather.


Students will learn Spanish through fun classroom activities and at-home online learning. The class will develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Integrated music will help students with vocabulary and fluency while encouraging the joy of singing.


Students will have a weekly word list to learn, practice and use. Weekly spelling tests will measure mastery.


IEW’s Fables, Myths and Fairy Tales, will be our writing resource this year. Teachers will instruct parents in use of the IEW system to teach strong writing skills. Teachers and parents will partner together to coach students with their assignments throughout the year.


  • All required 4th-5th grade curriculum will be purchased in bulk by EMERGE and billed to families.

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