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Time Management & Study Skills

Mrs. Lisa Survoy


Would you like to optimize your learning skill set? In this course, we are going to establish lifelong learning skills and habits by assessing and enhancing the ways in which you have learned in the past and learning new methods that fit you as an individual. We will renew your mindset towards learning and ignite your curiosity and passion for the subject. Throughout the course, you will learn the basic psychology behind practical study skills and pick up highly beneficial strategies with a scripture-infused influence. You will be given student organizational tools to utilize and tips on how to maximize your time and resources. We will assess your God-given spiritual gifts in how you naturally learn while incorporating a Growth Mindset in subject areas that are more challenging. Concepts and content covered will be: God’s Character, Creation and Perspective Growth Mindset Habit Formation Learning Strategies Memory Retention Motivation and Procrastination Note-taking Sensory Modalities Study Skills and the Study Cycle Time Management and Goal-setting


Soar Study Skills.jpeg

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