Math 8: Pre-Algebra

Mrs. Tasha Oard

Algebra is truly a broad division of mathematics. This particular branch of math deals with analyzing operations as well as relations and concepts based on them. For many students, algebra can be the most challenging subject. However, students who received a comprehensive Pre-Algebra study are able to discover that this topic can be simple and fun and that it has many real-world applications.  This Pre-Algebra course is an introduction to basic algebra concepts and a review of arithmetic algorithms. The course is designed to help students overcome weaknesses in preparation in mathematics, emphasizing the concepts necessary to be successful in Algebra I and II. The course helps the student to develop good mathematical study skills and learning strategies as an integral part of this course. The course begins with a brief review of the number system and operations with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, positive and negative numbers. Eventually covering rational and linear exponents, ratios, proportions, and percentage; solving simple and complex equations with one variable.



  • Teaching Textbooks online 12-month subscription for $67.08 or... CDs (new or used).  Be sure used CDs are Version 2.0 or newer which comes with automated grading.

  • Computer with internet access (and CD drive if using CDs).

  • Lined Paper

  • Pencil