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Photography & Yearbook


This course combines the art of digital photography with the creative process of yearbook design, providing students with an introductory understanding of both disciplines. Through hands-on experience and engaging projects, students will learn the fundamental principles of photography, digital image manipulation, and layout design while simultaneously crafting the pages of their school's yearbook. By the end of the year, students should understand the basics of composition, lighting, framing, and perspective in photography. They will also explore the functionalities of digital cameras, including exposure settings, shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. As part of their homework, students will document school events, sports, clubs, and candid moments that define the school year, in addition to completing personal photography assignments. Finally, students will use their newly acquired skills to create visually engaging yearbook pages. 



  • DSLR camera (digital camera that can be used in manual mode) example: Canon Rebel 

  • Photo editing software - Photoshop is preferred, but anything with basic editing capabilities is fine.  These include cropping, exposure (brightness), contrast, highlights, shadows, and vignette.

  • A computer for photo editing and internet access for using yearbook software 

  • Printer

  • 3-Ring binder with notebook paper and folder  (can be shared with another class)

  • Pencil 

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