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Personal Finance II

Mrs. Beth Stohlman

Prerequisite: Personal Finance I

"High school students who have taken a personal finance class are more likely to save money (93%, compared to 84% of students who hadn't taken a class), have a budget (60%, compared to 46%), and invest (32%, compared to 17%)" (Business Insider).


Join us as we take finances to a whole new level! You will learn about microeconomics, commodity trading, the gold standard, and how to pay off a 30-year mortgage in under 7 years.

We don't teach any tricks or gimmicks about money. This is a hands-on and challenging course that most college students would be envious you attended. Taking Personal Finance I is a prerequisite and we will be completing the chapters that are not covered during that class.

Students will also be participating in a Stock Market Simulation Game to experience trading and competing with their fellow classmates. win a cash prize if your portfolio has the largest return at the end of the semester!



  • Pen or pencil

  • Calculator

  • Internet access throughout the week for online readings, exercises, and assignments

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