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We will worship God and pray daily to start off our morning. Copy-work of a bible verse will be included in morning work time.



We will be using our Good and Beautiful Language Arts books in class and at home.  Students will bring their Language Arts books to class for daily lessons. The lessons will cover phonics, reading, writing, spelling, grammar usage, punctuation and vocabulary. Students will work on 2 lessons in class and 3 lessons at home.



We will be using our Good and Beautiful Math books in class and at home. Students will bring their Math books to class for daily lessons. Two lessons will be completed in class and 3 at home each week.



All history courses (Years 1–4) cover ancient history through modern history, but each course stops in different places and time periods to explore in depth. 



We use unit studies where we explore a topic with several lessons. This year we will be exploring the units:

  • Trees

  • Wildflowers

  • Seeds

  • Garden Flowers

  • Plants

  • Butterflies

  • Honeybees



Students will have opportunities to read individually in class as well as participate in reading stations.


PE games are designed to keep our students active and engaged.



We will have delightful adventures in art at least once a week. Lessons will introduce children to the vocabulary of art in innovative ways that produce clear understanding and appreciation of art. Students will be encouraged  to apply the concepts and techniques we learn in art to their own ideas and interests. Children will create with watercolor crayons, oil pastels, paint and learn to cut and fold paper.


Music is a chance for every student to shine! With singing, movement, and some instruments, students will learn to appreciate music as well as begin to read and write in the languages of music. Students will participate in a Christmas program, as well as a public showcase at the end of the school year.


Students will begin learning Spanish through fun classroom activities and at-home online learning.. The class will develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Integrated music will help students with vocabulary and fluency while encouraging the joy of singing.



  • All required K-1 curriculum will be purchased in bulk by EMERGE and billed to families.

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