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Video Production

Teacher: Mrs. Sydney Resel

Co-teacher: Mr. Erik Resel

This entry-level course will serve as an introduction to basic video/film/web production in a hands-on learning environment. The goal of the course is for the student to develop the ability to plan, shoot and edit professional digital content to tell a story. The coursework will cover directing, producing, editing, cinematography, lighting, screenwriting, and visual storytelling. Students will work individually and in groups on their creative projects.


Students can make this as simple or complex depending on their ability as well as the equipment they have available to them, and will not affect their grade either way. Entire professional commercials have been shot and edited on an iPhone, so purchasing a bunch of expensive equipment is not required. There are some simple editing programs out there that are even free to download.

  • Camera (Camcorder, Mirrorless or DSLR style preferred, smartphone or tablet can work)

  • Microphone to connect to a video recording device (Lavalier and shotgun mics are best). Often, built-in microphones do not deliver clean audio, links below for some inexpensive options for better sound recording but are OPTIONAL.

                 - Deity Pocket Wireless
                 - V-Mic D4 Mini
                 - Deity Microphone

  • Computer capable of video editing

  • External SSD or Hard Disk Drive (2 drives preferred - one master, one backup). Hard drives are the best way of saving work that we have found. However, students just need to make sure they have a way to save their work, and back up the saved work, because technology can and will fail.

  • Non-Linear Editing software (i.e.- Davinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, Premier Pro, iMovie…)

  • Small Notebook for notes

  • Folder for handouts


$5 due with tuition by Dec 1

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