Robotics B

Mr. David Cherry

Robots are everywhere! They build the things we buy, they vacuum our floors, and soon, they will drive our cars! It can be hard to find understandable information about how robots work, and that can feel defeating if you want to build and learn about robots! I believe you shouldn’t have to wait until you are older to start into the journey into robotics, so jump in today and build a real circuit board, program the electronics, and design parts for a 3D printer! We will be using both open source robotics equipment and the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kit.


Equipment Required:


  • Access to a Windows or Mac computer. Ideally a laptop that can be brought to class when needed

    • Chomebooks don’t work well with the software



  • Robotics A

    • Students may take the class without Robotics A by watching a quick set of videos

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