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Leadership, Fitness & Problem Solving (Fall Semester High School and Middle School)

Mr. Kornachuk


This dynamic course is designed to foster leadership, physical fitness, communication, decision-making, and adaptability.  Students will be provided with the tools necessary to build discipline and physical fitness as a lifelong habit. In the leadership arena, students will first focus on self-leadership and then practice peer leadership in a series of physically and mentally challenging events.  This isn’t your typical gym class, events will be fast-paced and focus equally on physical, mental, social and spiritual development. Prepare to get tired and dirty, be challenged in ways you never expected and have fun!

 Required Materials:

  1. Suitable outdoor workout attire for the weather (most classes will be outside)

  2. Water bottle

  3. Pen/pencil and paper (waterproofed: ie. Rite In The Rain All Weather Tactical 3x5" Pocket Notebooks or 3x5" notecards in a ziplock sandwich bag) 

  4. Synthetic T-Shirt

  5. Running Shorts

  6. Trail running shoes

  7. Track pants

  8. Sweatshirt/Hoodie

  9. Waterproof jacket (weather dependent)

  10. Warm hat (weather dependent)

  11. Gloves (weather dependent)

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