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English l

Mrs. Katie Ristow 

Everyone has an opinion, but can they support it? Words are powerful! They can incite change, deliver hope, free the oppressed, infuse courage, and begin and end wars. But words can also create chaos if not carefully constructed. Our goal in English 1, is for students to create compelling arguments, find their written and spoken voices, and hear from some of the most influential voices of the past and present. Students will analyze historical documents with literary value, American folklore, compelling autobiographies, impacting fiction, and more, with the main goal of communicating clearly and effectively through their own writing.



  • The Giver by Louis Lowry

  • The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom

  • The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

  • The Case for Christ STUDENT EDITION by Lee Strobe: 

  • While it is encouraged that students own a physical copy of each book, they are required to own physical copies of The Hiding Place and The Case for Christ STUDENT EDITION, as these books will be read together as a class.

  • Other texts, speeches, and excerpts will be read in class and provided by the teacher. This is reflected in the material's fee.

  • OTHER REQUIRED MATERIALS: Binder with loose-leaf paper Writing utensils Page dividers Highlighters 


Note: Many of these books can be found for free online in PDF format.


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EMERGE earns an Amazon commission for books and materials purchased through the provided links.

These commissions are used to fund student activities.

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