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English 8

Mrs. Katie Ristow

What does essay writing have to do with the rest of your life? If you can create and communicate in a clear and compelling way, people will usually listen. This class is all about taking thoughts and putting them to paper with the purpose of conveying a message. Students will become confident in writing persuasive, informative, and descriptive essays all while mastering the art of the thesis statement. They will bring their words to life with figurative language, engaging classroom discussion, and a bit of healthy debate. Allegorical literature will be analyzed for modern and Biblical application and will be enjoyed through creative projects and expressive writing.



All formats of the literature books (book, audio, and free online PDFs) are approved for this course.


  • $5 per semester, payable with tuition 

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EMERGE earns an Amazon commission for books purchased through the provided links.

These commissions are used to fund student activities.

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