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Creative Writing

Mrs. Katie Ristow


Creative Writing class is an elective offered to students who love to write! The weekly homework will center around a provided story prompt, and in-class activities will include story sharing, story swapping, timed writes, and so much more. Here’s an example of a homework assignment you might see: type a 500-word short story on the following prompt: “There is a heat wave in the city, and things are getting weird.” Students will create their own collection of work that might include personal poetry, short stories, or a complete book. The objective of this class is for writers to have the opportunity to hone their skills, grow in their creativity, and jump-start personal goals in this area.



  • Folder or binder
  • Sheets of writing paper
  • Writing utensils
  • Access to a printer​​


  • No materials fee or required book

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