Choir (High School and Middle School)

Mrs. Bowker



Do you love to sing? Chorus is a great opportunity to sing with others and make great music. Would you like to sing with more confidence and an excellent tone? This class will help you learn and grow musically and develop as a singer and performer while having fun with a variety of music. Through the study of choral music, including worship music, spirituals, hymns, and classical songs, we will explore and develop your God-given instrument, the voice. Choral singing is an amazing way to work together in community and produce wonderful music that cannot be created alone. Vocal technique and sight singing will also be integral to this course. Brief lessons in music theory and music history will be incorporated on occasion. There will be opportunities for students to attend and evaluate a variety of musical performances as well. The semester will culminate in a public showcase for family and friends.


Required Materials:

  • Sing at First Sight, Level 1 by Andy Beck. New on Amazon for $7.99. ( Used copies are also okay, but they were more expensive than new on Amazon at the time this link was posted.

  • Music packet ($15 Fee payable with tuition on August 1)

  • Pencil

  • Folder or Binder for Music

  • Internet Access or Ability to play CDs


Optional Materials:

  • Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory, Book 1 by Andrew Surmani ISBN 978-0882848945 $6.99 on Amazon ( or $5.99 on, but additional shipping may apply. Music theory lessons will be incorporated occasionally throughout the course, but if a student would like more independent study, this is a great book for that.‚Äč

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