Algebra II


Prerequisite: Algebra I

Algebra II students learn fractional equations, powers and exponents, roots & irrational numbers, second-degree equations, radical equations, imaginary and complex numbers, higher-degree equations, systems of equations, inequalities, functions and logarithms, statistics, probability, and more. Beginning in 2017, all math classes will use Teaching Textbooks. This system lets students watch lectures, do problems, and get immediate grading each day. During class time, students will review past concepts, learn new ones, and solve real-world problems. The Teaching Textbooks DVDs can be rented from EMERGE at a reduced rate so students do not need to purchase the system independently. Email if you would like help deciding which level of math is best for your student.


  • Teaching Textbooks CDs or online subscription:  You can rent CDs from EMERGE for $55, subscribe from for $67.08 or buy new CDs for $154.95. (EMERGE would greatly appreciate you renting from us because we made a very large investment in discs last year before the online subscription option became available.) Contact Janet Pannell at to rent CDs.

  • Colored pencils or fine tip markers (bring to class)

  • Calculator (bring to class)

  • $15 course materials fee (payable with tuition on August 1)


  • Algebra 2 - REA's Quick Access Reference Chart (Quick Access Reference Charts). $4.95 on Amazon (

  • Graphing Calculator

Algebra II Quick Reference.jpg