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Algebra II

Mrs. Tasha Oard

Prerequisite: Algebra I

Algebra II is an extension of Algebra I as well as a prep class for Pre-calculus. In class, we will complete activities, expand on resources and dialog in order to help you master the skills needed to expand on your knowledge of equations, give you mathematical powers, exponents, and more. We will get irrational with numbers, take equations to the second and third degree and even get radical. Have no fear, we will still include all your favorite imaginary numbers and try not to make it all too complex. Throughout the year, you will understand how to solve a matrix, determine how to calculate a car payment (with interest), and even determine which of your entrepreneurial goals will be the most profitable. It is a class full of inequalities, wild functions, and a lot of fun with numbers.


  • Teaching Textbooks online 12-month subscription (EMERGE will secure a school-wide subscription with log-in information for each student)

  • Notebook with graph paper exclusively for Algebra II (bring to class)

  • Mechanical pencils and eraser (bring to class)

  • Calculator (bring to class)

  • Computer with Internet Access (for at home use)



  • $75 Teaching Textbook subscription payable with tuition on August 1

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EMERGE earns an Amazon commission for books purchased through the provided links.

These commissions are used to fund student activities.

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