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Algebra I

Mrs. Tasha Oard

Prerequisite: Pre-Algebra

Algebra is the study of formal symbolic systems. In this class, we will learn how to use one symbolic system to make mathematical calculations much easier than would be otherwise possible. We will learn how the use of symbols for numbers will reveal shortcuts, tricks, and patterns in those numbers that we can exploit to make mathematics less tedious, faster to calculate, and more interesting. Along the way, we will apply this knowledge to geometry, physics, probability, modeling, finances, and more. Most importantly, in this class students will have a chance to learn how to employ the tools of algebra to answer questions of their own devising, in a manner that is clear, correct, and succinct. In class, we will play games, expand resources, complete activities, and practice to make these concepts more accessible.


All math classes will use Teaching Textbooks. This system lets students watch lectures, do problems, and get immediate grading each day. During class time, students will review past concepts, learn new ones, and solve real-world problems. Email if you would like help deciding which level of math is best for your student.


  • Teaching Textbooks online 12-month subscription (EMERGE will secure a school-wide subscription with log-in information for each student).

  • Notebook with graph paper reserved exclusively for math (bring to class)

  • Mechanical pencils and eraser (bring to class)


  • $73 Teaching Textbook subscription payable with tuition on August 1

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