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Worship Band

Mrs. Katie Ristow


For a singer or musician, there is often nothing quite as fun as being in a band. It is a skill you can use for the rest of your life! In Worship Band, we will use different styles of worship music to practice playing and singing in harmony with others. For musicians, a basic knowledge of your instrument is necessary as is the ability to read guitar chord charts. You also need to provide your own instrument (excluding the piano). Singers need to be able to hold a tune and follow a melody. Space is very limited, and for some instruments, only one of its kind will be allowed. Tryouts are required, but you don't need to be an expert! Schedule a meeting with Mrs. Ristow through Jupiter Ed soon, so that you can demonstrate what you can do and to get a look at the type of music we will be using in class.


  • Folder or binder for music

  • Must provide their own instrument (* piano is the exception)


  •  $15 per semester for music packet supplied by the teacher, payable with tuition 

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