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World History: Civilization to Reformation

Teacher: Mrs. Black

"HISTAMI/HISTORY - What we saw."
Scholars who accompanied Alexander the Great during his conquests of new lands wrote down their observations of the people they encountered along the way. They coined the word "histami" to define "that which is, or that is how we saw the people in various lands of conquest."

This full-year course will utilize the textbook STREAMS of CIVILIZATION as we study the dawn of Civilization to the Reformation. We will learn the manners, dress, habits, foods, customs, etc. of those who came before us.

Each student will be required to participate in class discussions concerning archeology, paleontology, religion, political science, diplomacy, and many other sciences that are discussed in this course.

The student will compare the Code of Hammurabi to the Ten Commandments to determine which is more just and equitable. They will compare Flood stories of different cultures and carbon dating to weigh the validity of the Bible as an accurate source of history.

The students will participate in team projects such as the following taken from the textbook:
"Do a study on economic relations between two countries. Discuss the balance of trade, the balance of payments, inflation, and depreciation of the currency. What did you learn about the economic policies of the countries you chose?"


Participate in group forums such as the following:
"Reread the section on Rome before she was sacked by the Visigoths. Do a study on U.S. demonstrations, riots, and protests of the 1960s. What were the differences and similarities between the two situations? What lessons can the U.S. learn from what happened to Rome?"


Stretch your critical thinking skills as you join us in this class!


  • Streams of Civilization: Volume One, (3rd edition) by Albert Hyma and Mary Stanton. $32.55 new on Amazon ( This book is also available at which frequently runs sales.

  • bible

  • notebook and pencil




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