World Geography & Culture

Mrs. Ross



Must we board an airplane and travel the world in order to encounter people and cultures that are different from ourselves; or can we visit them in books?

During this class, your child will compile knowledge of the world by building a book of their own research around the globe! Your child  will study and create maps, while labeling the major geographical features of each continent and learning geographical terminologies. They will display and report on various animals and plant life of each region of the world. As we study peoples and their cultures, your child may be asked to  write short essays or stories, create tourist brochures, or give short presentations that will show their understanding of diverse ways of life that dot this planet. Perhaps we may have the opportunity to taste foreign foods or visit with a foreign guest!

The student workbook, Around the World in 180 Days, contains perforated pages that should be removed and placed in their three ring binders as they complete each project. Blank maps will be provided in class, and some maps with sample information will be provided. The students will, however, need access to a simplified world atlas, wall map, globe, internet sources, etc. in order to complete their map work.

Most of their knowledge for animals, plant life, people and culture may be researched via the Bozeman Public Library, wildlife magazines, the internet etc.


  • Around the World In 180 Days student workbook (Apologia) Available through for $24.00 (as of June 5th)

  • Geography Coloring Book (3rd Edition) by Wynn Kapit. This book is technically a coloring book, but for the purpose of this class, the students will use it merely as a reference book. All map work will be completed on separate sheets. Used copies are okay. Used on Amazon from $9. (

  • Class materials: $15.00 (payable August 1 with tuition)

  • 3 ring binder

  • Sturdy folder

  • Colored pencils                

  • 3 hole paper punch

  • Page dividers with tabs for each continent

Around the World in 80 Days Student Book
Geography coloring book.jpg