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United States History

Mrs. Rachelle Black

This course will cover the history of the United States beginning with the earliest human encounters and continuing to the present day, as time allows. Students will be introduced to the major political, cultural, economic and religious events that shaped our country. Students will be responsible for weekly reading and assigned work at home and class time will be spent in review, discussion, analysis of primary source materials, and hands-on group work.

We will be using the textbook, American History, by Thomas S Kidd. He tells us that, “...American history is something like a national autobiography. It tells us how we got where we are. It cautions us about mistakes and sins we have committed in the past and urges us not to go there again. It encourages us to understand why the past is often pertinent to the present. It inspires us by the courage of historical heroes and stiffens our resolve to honor their legacies.”


  • American History, Combined Edition: 1492- Present by Thomas S Kidd
    ISBN-10 1535982268

    • (EMERGE may have copies of this textbook available. Message Mrs. Olsen for more information.)

  • 1" three ring binder

  • Pencil

  • Colored pencils

  • Notebook

  • Printer and computer for accessing and printing assigned work     


  • $10 each semester, payable with tuition 

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These commissions are used to fund student activities.

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