United States Geography & Culture

Mrs. Haverkorn



Take a moment and imagine with me, you are a gold fish living in a household aquarium. You are the most intelligent creature in your environment, you are taken care of, warm water, colorful rocks, waving seaweed and a little stone house to hide in; food miraculously appears twice a day! When you look out, things at best are distorted and sometimes a large creature peers in at you – it scares you into that safe little house!

The above example is how many of us operate unknowingly; we naturally become comfortable in our known culture and strive to keep it so. Comfort often translates as security; thus, when confronted with differences, we often interpret them as scary or hostile. Therefore, the study of culture is imperative.

The study of culture develops empathy and sensitivity; it also develops the healthy character trait of civility. The study of culture keeps us from projecting our cultural values onto others and allows us to “agree to disagree” while acknowledging that all men and women are made in the image of the living God.

We study USA culture specifically to grasp the context of our own identity. Learning why and who we are empowers us to walk confidently in ourselves and in our understanding of why God placed us in the country, state and town He did.

We do this in class primarily through guest speakers and discussion time. Homework will be based on the book needed and through research projects. The United States will be divided into 8 different sections: North East, South East, Midwest, South West, North West, Alaska, and Hawaii.  As Americans, we all share similar traits, however, each area is distinctive.


  • Notebook

  • Pen or Pencil