United States Geography & Culture

Mrs. Charity Ross

Why do people within our own country have different ways of speaking? How do earthquakes and heavy rainstorms affect the boundaries of a state? How has transportation determined where population centers have sprung up? Why don't farmers in Montana grow pineapples?

Students will be able to answer the questions above as they explore our great country and its diverse cultures! They will learn how industry, agriculture, cultural foods, flora, fauna, music, religion, etc. have molded different portions of this country to reflect different ways of life and different ways of thinking about life.

As they create their own maps, they will study political boundaries, population centers, major physical features, natural resources, and climate; all while building a "notebook" of what they have learned!

Through this class, I hope that my students gain a passion for understanding people and places within our own country to the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


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