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United States Geography & Culture

Mrs. Rachelle Black

With an abundance of natural scenic beauty and a diverse cultural landscape, the geography of the United States makes for a fascinating study. In this semester-long course, students will survey the various regions of the United States by learning about their landforms, climate, ecosystems, and political boundaries. We will discuss the cultural attributes that make each area unique by reviewing regional cuisine, arts, and traditions. Students will practice map skills and memorization, and have several opportunities to present their own research to the class.



  • Three Ring Binder

  • Notebook

  • Pencil

  • Colored pencils 

  • Access to printer with colored ink 

  • Three-Hole punch

  • Students will have two projects/ presentations during the semester. Students
    will need support and access to other supplies.


  • $15 payable with tuition 


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