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Urban Homesteading

Mrs. Heidi Fry



Have you ever been in a garden supply section and wondered, “What is compost and what does it do?" Have you looked around lately and been curious about all the DIY (do it yourself) and upcycling projects that are out there and thought, “Can you really make your own soap and can your own food?" Maybe you are curious about what it would take to raise chickens for eggs or bees for honey. Guess what, you can do all of it, AND you could even turn it into a small business! In this class, you will discover what it means to minimize your consumer purchases, reduce your environmental impact, and live a more affordable and self-sufficient way of life, all while living in a modern world. 


We will cover topics and ideas such as growing your own food, composting, preserving that food for the winter, making food that you would typically buy in a package, and creating recipes from scratch. We will also discover how to use old school (non-electric) machinery, what it takes to raise small livestock, producing simple products (soaps, cleaners, candles, lip balms, lotions, etc.), what it means to be waste-free and how to throw a party with no or very little garbage, the effect of buying local, and how to mend clothing and follow a pattern to sew something yourself.


Join us for a semester that will genuinely change the way you look at what you eat, do, and buy. It may just change your life!


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