Use this link to select the position you'd like for the fall semester. 

There will be another sign up for spring semester community service positions so you can change jobs if you'd like.

Students do 1 hour of community service per month at E-Free which comes out to 4 hours/semester, 8 hours/year. Many students also choose to volunteer in other places along with their EMERGE service. Service in other locations does not replace time at school, but it does count towards the 1080 hours of education required by Montana law.

Most positions take 15 minutes once a week.

High schoolers have the option of positions that take 30-60 minutes/week. In that case, only one semester of community service is needed. Longer jobs include working the coffee bar and helping with K-5 students. If you want to work a 30-60 minute job in the spring, please email Mrs. Pannell. 

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