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Scuba Diving

$160 (plus course fee for equipment rental, pool time, certification, etc.)

This is an entry-level course for people who have not been previously certified to SCUBA dive, and provides a comprehensive overview of basic concepts that are required to dive safely. Topics include diving equipment, diving physiology, dive planning, environmental considerations, and recognizing and managing risks associated with Open Water diving.

Participants who successfully complete the classroom and pool work will qualify for an Open Water certification experience, which must be taken separately and is not included in the course fee. Successful completion of the Open Water experience will result in an industry recognized and accepted certification at the level of Open Water Diver. An incredible scuba diving trip will take place after school ends (between April 27-May 10, 2019).


  • Coming Soon

  • Course fee for equipment rental, pool time, certification, etc. coming soon

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