Ms. Nikki Zelenka



This course focuses on individual behavior and why individuals think, feel and react to various stimuli as they do. During this course, we will explore scientific inquiry, biopsychology, development, learning, sociocultural context, cognition, individual variations and vocational applications of psychology. We will compare and contrast, at times, Christian world views and other world views, to promote acquisition of critical thinking skills, to solidify understanding of individual faith, to master general principles of psychological concepts, and to foster a greater appreciation for the field of psychology.



  • One new (1”) three ring binder with clear pocket on outside cover (able to slide 8 X 10 sheet in), to use only for this class (needed by 9-14-18)

  • Dividers with tabs (5) for three ring binder, to use only for this class (needed by 9-14-18)

  • Pen, pencil, eraser (needed each class)

  • College-ruled notebook paper

  • Reflection Journal – style can be of student’s choice (needed by 9-14-18)

  • Various, other supplies for projects throughout the semester (on an as-needed basis – these will be minimal)

  • $10 class materials fee (payable through Orbund)

  • An object or medium that correlates with each of the five senses, and is personally meaningful to each student – will explain this in more depth in class (needed later in semester)