Physics (lab)

Teacher: TBD

Physics describes the most fundamental rules that govern creation, and learning these rules opens up a whole new and exciting way to understand the most common of experiences. This rigorous course covers a wide range of physics topics, including Newtonian mechanics, rotational motion and gravitation, atomic theory, and states of matter in the first semester; and thermodynamics, wave motion, light, magnetism, and electric currents in the second semester; with each topic explored using hands-on labs. You will be surprised at how much more there is to understand about the most simple things in the world around you! (Algebra I prerequisite, Algebra II co-requisite)



  • Conceptual Physics, Prentice Hall by Paul Hewitt (C. 2009), ISBN# 9780133647495. Used start at $32.67 on Amazon (


  • $50 for lab supplies (payable with tuition on August 1)

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