Photography I

2019-2020 Description

In Photography and Yearbook I: students will learn the basics of photography, manual camera use, and image sequencing. Through lectures, Hands-on exercises, in-class critique, and written explanations of the images for the yearbook; students are challenged to take technically good photos and learn the thought process in creating great images. These skills will then be implemented to capture and sequence images for the yearbook, (developed further in Photography and Yearbook II) but more importantly to capture excellent photos for a lifetime.



  • Digital Camera with Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO control

    • Great cheap options are older used DSLRs like the Canon 20d, Nikon D5100, Sony A200k.

  • Camera Card

  • Pen and Notebook

  • Computer (desktop or laptop)

  • Email account with access to google drive or Dropbox

  • Facebook
  • Instagram