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(Drawing is prerequisite.)

Miss Kalli Hendrickson



As in Drawing, painting is an extension of creativity, exploration, and learning with the added emphasis on color. We will use elements covered in Drawing paired with the foundation of color theory and painting media (acrylic and watercolor). Terms and techniques of painting will be the springboard for discovery.


Required Materials: ($51-$65)

Use coupons at Michaels and JoAnns for discounts on supplies.

  • Sketchbook (no lines), can use the same one from drawing class

  • Optional: small notebook for notes if you need lined paper

  • Artist Brushes: Craft Smart brand, Golden Taklon- set (plastic handles, in a variety of sizes), $6-10

  • Acrylic paint: Liquitex BASICS Acrylic Paint 4 ounce or Winsor & Newton Galeria 2 ounce in the following colors

    • Cadmium Yellow Medium, $5.00

    • Cadmium Red or Crimson, $5.00

    • Cerulean Blue, $5.00

    • White, $5.00

    • Black, $5.00

  • Canvas Panels: at least five panels 11x14 or larger, $3/panel (May choose to buy stretched canvas (canvas stretched on a wood frame) but more expensive.)

  • Watercolor: Prang Brand only, oval pan set, $6-17

  • Watercolor Paper: Strathmore 300 Series only – 140# paper, 12 sheet pad, 11x14, $11

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