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Dr. Michelle Martin

In this course, we will study the human nervous system. We will spend the first half of the class on the biology of the nervous system and how it gathers and processes information. The second half will be spent on how people think and perceive the world, and what we can do about problems arising within the nervous system. Each week we will do non-invasive experiments of ourselves to study the function of the human brain, as well as the senses that give it input and the muscles it controls. I will keep the exact experiments to myself because some of the results will be invalid if you know what the expected results are; the human brain is quick to adapt once it realizes it is being fooled!


• Paper and pencil to take notes.
• Occasionally, students may be asked to bring common household items for experiments or do experiments at home that require common household items, such as a ruler or a blindfold, but for the most part, all materials will be things you already have or the teacher will provide.



  • $50 for coursebook and lab materials (payable with tuition on August 1)

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