Montana History

Mrs. Charity Ross

This study of Montana History begins as wild lands were tamed only by fleeting footprints of four-footed creatures, and culminates with current day social issues and economic challenges. Our state's history is filled with bold, interesting (and sometimes criminal!) men and women who shaped the many cultures across our huge state.


Throughout the school year, we will discuss Native American history as well as the explorers, fur trappers, missionaries, gold rushers, ranchers, pioneers and soldiers that came to Montana and how they changed life here.


Although this textbook includes old earth theory concerning origins of the earth and other evolutionary ideas, I will be teaching this course from a young earth, biblical perspective.



  • Colored Pencils (not the kind that twist up)

  • Three-hole punch or up to 50 sheet protectors

  • 1" wide three-ring binder

  • A computer to access the free course textbook and homework assignments online (

  • A printer with ink for printing maps and other worksheets

  • Grammarly (You can download the simple version of this for free.)


  • $15 payable with tuition on August 1st