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Montana History

Mrs. Rachelle Black

From its storied peaks to its windswept plains, Montana has long embodied the American West. This semester-long class will introduce students to the people and cultures that have shaped the state’s history. Students will learn about Native American history, the Lewis and Clark Expedition, fur trappers, pioneers and other historical figures. We will discuss the state’s early economic drivers such as the mining industry and ranching. We will also spend time learning about the state’s geography by analyzing maps and learning place names. Student’s will have the opportunity to create two projects/presentations during the semester. 



  • Colored Pencils

  • Pencil

  • 1" three-ring binder

  • A computer to access the free course textbook and homework assignments online

  • Access  printer for printing worksheets

  • Students will be responsible for two projects/ presentations during the semester.
    Students will need access to supplies and support to complete these.

  • Class syllabus:  Montana History syllabus 2024.pdf


  • $15 payable with tuition 

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