Life Skills: Personal

Mrs. Mandy Bowker

Every person wishes he or she had better control over time, relationships, habits, and other everyday skills that increase emotional intelligence, perhaps the best indicator for future success. This class emphasizes defining personal values, embracing your uniquely created personality, developing lifelong habits around time management and goal setting, and strengthening interpersonal relationships to name a few. This class is recommended for all EMERGE students and will cover the topics listed below as well as some additional important and fun life skills.

  • Time Management – make the most of your days by learning to set priorities, estimate time, and hold yourself accountable

  • Avoiding Violence – understand how to avoid situations that would require violence and know what to do if a dangerous situation occurs unexpectedly

  • Social Skills – phone etiquette, small talk, and formal settings

  • Online Safety – in an increasingly digital world, teens must be prepared to share and connect, but also stay safe online

  • Wilderness Survival – taught by Gallatin Valley Search and Rescue staff, this is a must for Montana teens to survive desperate situations

  • Communication Strategies – understand how you are wired and learn to read the people around you to encourage effective relationships

  • Conflict Resolution – learn the Matthew 18 process for being a peacemaker with your friends, family, and classmates



  • Where's My Stuff? 2nd Edition ( - used copy is fine, but it MUST be the 2nd edition

  • Living Your Strengths: Discover Your God-Given Talents and Inspire Your Community by Don Clifton ( - NEW COPY ONLY – includes a one-time use code for taking the Strengths Finder assessment

  • The Peacemaker: Student Edition by Ken Sande & Kevin Johnson ( - used copy is fine

  • A Teen’s Guide to the 5 Love Languages: How to Understand Yourself and Improve All Your Relationships by Gary Chapman - used copy is fine (


  • $15 for supplies and guest speakers (payable with tuition on August 1)

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These commissions are used to fund student activities.

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