Life Skills: Career

Mrs. Minette Jessup

While students are graduating high school and leaving a comfortable learning environment, many are also leaving their job as “student” without skills necessary to obtain a position outside of school. These necessary skills, including professionalism and being able to market oneself, allow for an individual to move forward past "student” status to propel towards obtaining work outside of school.


In Life Skills: Career, students will work through understanding and developing the above skills, while also exploring their own passions and God-given callings in their lives. This class will also guide students in the process of creating an effective resume and cover letter. Once the stage is set with these documents, we will practice the art of interviewing, following up, and even what to expect from different management styles when on the job. The class will explore not just non-college options but will engage students in exploring all options, including that of higher education and expectations that can be found both in a college and non-college environment. Finding your passion and marketing yourself are tricky tasks that we aim to focus our energies on in Life Skills: Career.


The course requires the following textbooks, which serve as the basis for class discussions, tests, and assignments:


Harris, B. (2019). After High School. ISBN 978-1791611682, CGS Communications, INC. Available at Amazon in Paperback ($11.95). Used versions may also be available. Be sure to obtain the 2019 edition.


Blazevich, R. (2017). Amazing Interview Answers. ASIN B073P38SX9. Amazing Job Skills Publishing. Available at Amazon in Paperback ($11.91). Used versions may also be available.

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