History of Explorers

Mrs. Penny Johnson


In this class, students will learn about brave explorers from all over the world. From Leif Erikson to Lewis and Clark to Neil Armstrong – we'll see just what these explorers across the ages have in common. We’ll learn about the obstacles they faced, the challenges they conquered, and the effect they had on the world for generations.


We will chronologically trace the history of exploration through men and women who were courageous and brave. We will study the routes they took, land masses and oceans. We will learn how they faced challenges and setbacks through perseverance and determination.  Students will:


1.  Understand how explorers past and present have a daily effect on our lives

2.  Learn basic world geography and specifics routes of famous expeditions

3.  Learn how we explore the world for ourselves


  • 1" binder with notebook paper (or a section in larger binder)

  • Note taking supplies

  • Access to printer and paper for making copies of selected profiles for classmates

  • Each student will have a required project on a biography of an explorer, but those books may be borrowed from the library, already owned or purchased later in the semester.

  • Students will also have monthly projects involving foods the explorers may have encountered for the first time or used to survive their journeys. Please ensure that students' allergy list is up to date and be prepared to support and help your student with their cooking assignments in addition to typical academic workload.

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