EPS Math

Mrs. Jessica Koenes

K-5th Grade Classroom Days:  In the classroom, we will make math come alive! We will be practicing applicable real world math. We will work on measurements, weights, shapes, time, number sequence, money, math problems, fractions, and borrowing.

K-2nd Grade Home Days:  Each parent may choose their preferred curriculum for at home for math lessons.

3rd-5th Grade Home Days:  Each parent may choose their preferred curriculum for at home for math lessons however we recommend Teaching Textbooks which is the curriculum EMERGE uses for middle school and high school.



  • Parents choose the math curriculum prefer for their child. (EMERGE can give suggestions if you'd like.)


Grade 3-5

  • Teaching Textbooks  (If you are new to using Teaching Textbooks you can have your child take an assessment found on their website. Choose the assessment that you think your child is ready for this school year. You can purchase the book version, DVD version or online version based on what fits your family best.)  

  • http://teachingtextbooks.com/Default.htm . Also found on christianbook.com

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