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Music (K-5)

Teacher: Megan Stolzfus

Every young child loves to create music, whether they realize it or not. Clapping, body movement, singing, humming, silly voices, playing a rhythm instrument – these are all ways of making music! In this class, students in grades K-2 will learn about beat, rhythm, singing, and interacting with the language of music through fun songs, silly rhymes, echo singing, playing instruments, and so much more. In grades 3-5, students will have the opportunity to play recorders as well as sing a variety of fun songs with body movement. The semester will culminate in a Christmas musical with grades K-5, complete with costumes and familiar Christmas Carols.



  • Beat Buddy (small stuffed animal – beanie babies are great)

  • One Rhythm Instrument (hand drum, claves, maracas, shakers, etc.)*

  • $10 Music Fee (includes materials for Christmas program), payable with tuition through Jupiter Ed

*Please email Mrs. Stolzfus if you would like me to purchase one for your child, but feel free to bring something you have on hand



  • $20 Music Fee (includes a recorder, book with recorder songs, and all materials needed for Christmas program), payable with tuition through Jupiter Ed

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