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All people are creative, our DNA formed in the image of the Ultimate Creator, God. Visual arts is one form of creativity that helps develop spatial reasoning, an important right brain function, enhancing cognitive ability and cross-brain activity, visual awareness, and creative thinking.


Drawing will focus on the art elements of line, shape, value, texture, space, and perspective through black and white drawing media such as pencil, ink, and charcoal. We will explore these elements through drawing exercises and final projects in design, expressive illustration, and 3-D illusion (drawing on a two-dimensional surface/paper in a way that appears to be a three-dimensional object).


We will investigate drawing as personal expression and enjoyment, drawing as public (in advertising and public art), and drawing as community (oriented through cultural distinction). We will also research the masters in art history.


Required Materials: (approx $22)

Use coupons at Michaels and JoAnns for discounts on supplies.

  • Sketchbook (no lines), $5.00

  • Drawing Paper – 11X17 80# paper 24 sheets, $13.00

  • Ultra Fine Point Sharpie /black, $1.60

  • #2 pencil, $2.00

  • Optional: mechanical pencils 

  • Optional: small notebook for taking notes if you need lined paper

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