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Mrs. Megan Stoltzfus

Learn to create and manipulate in Photoshop! We will explore and experiment with many of the basic but powerful tools Photoshop has to offer. From simply making a photo "pop," to more advanced techniques like compositing, you will end the year knowing how to create amazing images that are sure to 'wow' your friends and family!


  • The FULL version of Photoshop is required. It can be found at this link: The best and most cost-effective option is the Lightroom and Photoshop combo, which includes 20GB of iCloud storage for $9.99/month. Tablets and Chromebooks that do not support the full version will not work. The web-based version of Photoshop will also not work, as it does not include all the tools and features that we will be using.


  • $5 for printing, payable with tuition August 1

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