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Ukulele B & II

Teacher: Mr. Ben McEntee

Prerequisite: Ukulele A or B or teacher approval 

Versatile, portable, affordable, and adorable, the ukulele is an excellent “gateway” instrument into the wonderful world of stringed instruments and music education. In this class you will learn how to play chords, chord shapes, and tons of fun songs. Learning to play an instrument helps with memory, confidence, coordination skills, creativity, and discipline. Playing an instrument can also relieve stress and is an excellent way to express yourself and connect with others! In other words, ukulele is the instrument for EVERYONE!


Top 10 Reasons to play the ukulele:

  1. For an instrument, it’s cheap.

  2. It’s portable.

  3. It sounds good.

  4. It’s a solo instrument.

  5. It’s an ensemble instrument.

  6. It’s ideal for ear training.

  7. It’s perfect for learning music theory.

  8. It’s cross cultural.

  9. You can sing and play at the same time

  10. IT’S FUN!



  • A soprano OR concert ukulele – The soprano ukulele size is probably what most people picture when they think of the ukulele. It is the most common size and makes the classic, traditional ukulele sound. It is the smallest and lightest uke size and it has the shortest scale and tightest fret spacing. The Concert uke is the next step up from a soprano in size. Its scale is about an inch longer, the neck is a bit wider, and overall it is a little heavier than a soprano. The extra length allows for more frets with a wider spacing between them. It is a great size for players of any skill or experience level but may be more comfortable for those with a bit larger hands and fingers. The concert also has a fuller and warmer sound and tone than a soprano. THIS UKULELE ON AMAZON has great reviews and comes in concert and soprano or  THIS CONCERT KALA BRAND INSTRUMENT. Also, Music Villa has a very good selection of Ukuleles including a nice intry level instrument at around $40. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a student purchases an instrument that is not made well and cannot play chords and/or hold its tuning (i.e. a toy instrument, a ukulele made with cheap material, bad fretboard, etc.), then the instructor will inform the student that they will need to purchase a different instrument. With that in mind, when purchasing a beginner ukulele, a good rule of thumb is that the cost will be around the $60-$100 range.

  • Stringed instrument tuner. Instructor recommends Snark brand for its ease of use. Easily found on Amazon and locally at Music Villa 

  • Binder or folder for music and notes

  • Access to a printer



  • $10 payable with tuition



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