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English II

Mrs. Colleen Olsen & Mrs. Penny Johnson

Public Speaking (Fall)

Mrs. Colleen Olsen

Some say they would rather be in a casket than giving a eulogy. Not in this class!! You will learn to be a fearless speaker with greater confidence. Students will learn how to organize and deliver presentations that inform, persuade and even inspire. You will also learn how to incorporate visual aids for lasting impact.

Trust me, you WILL use what you learn in this class, throughout your life!!


Literature (Spring)                                         

Mrs. Penny Johnson

What do animal origin stories, a tale of shipwrecks, love and revenge and a junior demon named Wormwood have in common? All will be the subject of our literary adventures this semester as we read, discuss and respond to wonderful novels, plays, short stories, and poems. We'll talk about classics of English literature, analyze a variety of works, and discuss and write about how these works reveal their author's worldview and impact our thinking and feeling. Our goals will be to understand, evaluate and appreciate literary works, within their historical context and measured against biblical truth. Will also include attention to vocabulary growth, listening skills, and written and verbal communication excellence.



  • 1" binder with notebook paper

  • Note-taking supplies

  • Access to printer and paper for making copies of selected poems for classmates.

  • Novels do not need to be the current edition, other editions are fine, but please be sure to get complete unabridged versions.


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