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Food and Health Chemistry

Mrs. Rhonda Cahill


Health and Food Chemistry will be a year-long science course where we discover all of the aspects of food and its relationship to our bodies and our environment.  This course will also be teaching the chemistry of food when it breaks down in our bodies, how it is used at a cellular level and the property changes that occur when cooking.  Some aspects of anatomy and physiology will be combined during the school year, which will give the students hands-on experiments and dissections to gain a deeper understanding of what they are learning. The students will have several opportunities for research and writing sound scientific arguments on food choices, chemistry in the body, farm to table, fad diets and much more.  The second semester will include a fun, hands-on approach to chemistry in the kitchen with food prep and cooking.  When finished with this course, the students will have a well-rounded approach to the importance of research, food science, anatomy, and chemistry.


Required Materials:

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