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Fashion Design

Teacher: TBA


If you want to be a fashion designer someday or just simply learn how to dress more creatively, this is the class for you! Fashion will forever be a part of our lives. You will discover the seams and buttons of fashion design and explore how it has evolved to what it is today. Embark along with us to learn about the purpose of fashion, its meaning in other countries and have a blast in the past journeying into its history. You will get to spark your imagination and ignite the creative gift God intended us to have! In this course you will learn about the following: Elements and Principles of Design Factors that influence fashion: societal, sociological, psychological, etc. Unique styles in history A look at other countries: the practicality and functionality in clothing Opportunities and careers in the fashion industry How to design an outfit and accessories Research and present on a fashion designer The importance of apparel construction, textiles and materials Career and Professional dress


  • Students preferred fashion design sketchbook $10-15

  • Binder

  • Colored pens/ pencils/ fine tip markers


  • $10 for guest speakers and printing (payable with tuition on August 1st)

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