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English l

Mrs. Katie Ristow 

Words are powerful! They can incite change, deliver hope, free the oppressed, infuse courage, and begin and end wars. But words can also create chaos if not carefully constructed. In English 1, students will create compelling arguments, find their written and spoken voices, and hear from some of the most influential voices of the past and present through historical documents, American folklore, autobiographies, and impacting fiction. Our chosen literature books share the themes of power, influence, the value of pain, and our God-given purpose as we see what happens when one group oppresses another in an attempt to create their “perfect world”.


*All formats of literature books are approved for this course. The IEW student workbook will be used both in and out of class and should be purchased a month before the start of school to avoid a delay.


Folder or binder with paper (can be shared with other classes), writing utensils, highlighters, access to a printer 


Note: Many of these books can be found for free online in PDF format.


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EMERGE earns an Amazon commission for books and materials purchased through the provided links.

These commissions are used to fund student activities.

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