Chemistry (lab)

Mrs. Heidi Fry

Prereq: Algebra I

Co-requisite: Algebra II

Chemistry is everywhere, and this course explores both the chemistry concepts underlying reactions and life itself as well as teaching thinking skills to begin to think like a scientist. This rigorous course covers a wide range of chemistry topics, including atomic theory and bonding, phases of matter, and thermodynamics in the first semester; and solutions, acids and bases, stoichiometry, and chemical reactions in the second semester; with each topic explored using hands-on labs. We will make things stink, change color, and go boom!


  • Living By Chemistry (1st Ed.), by Angelica M. Stacy.  ISBN# 9781559539418. Used copies on from Amazon from $29.94 (


  • $50 lab materials fee (payable with tuition on August 1)

Living by Chemistry.jpg

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