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English IV

Mrs. Anne Gee & Mrs. Colleen Olsen

Creative Writing (Fall Semester)

Mrs. Anne Gee

Writing is a way to communicate information and to influence persuasion, but also to express thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  This can be expressed in many forms such as poetry, short stories, plays, movies, and fictional and non-fictional books.  


In this class, students will primarily learn specific mental habits that will facilitate excellent "inventive" writing skills, building upon the Institute for Excellence in Writing methodology.  Students will be actively writing (mostly) shorter pieces every week with a two-fold goal.  One: That students will be so accustomed to using their writing mental “toolbox”, that writing for any need will be pleasurable, fulfilling, and highly effective. Two:  That students will hit the ground running for Business Writing, 2nd semester, and naturally apply personal invention and uniqueness to their writing. While striving to meet those goals, the focus of this class is practical application of creative writing in our daily lives.


  • $15 (Teacher will provide necessary materials)

English lV: Business Writing (Spring Semester)

Mrs. Colleen Olsen


Prerequisite: English l, ll, lll or teacher approval

"Good writing is good business. Bad writing isn't. To be successful in sales, marketing, finance, engineering, law, personnel, and in virtually every field, you need to write well." (Wilma Davidson, author of Business Writing-- What Works, What Won't). In this class, students will learn to create that all-important opening, choose a layout that enhances readability, spot the words and phrases that clutter most business writing, and more.


  • Business Writing-- What Works, What Won't (revised edition), by Wilma Davidson. Copies may be available at the used book sale at EMERGE Kick-Off (Date TBA). Used prices start at $4.99 on Amazon (


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