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Leadership, Fitness & Problem Solving (Spring Semester High School and Middle School)

Mrs. Oard


No person is an island, and it is a particularly Christian thing to consider how to encourage others towards good thoughts and habits, including those things that steward the bodies God gave us (Heb. 10:24). In Leadership, Fitness and Problem Solving we will use practical fitness conditioning, contests, and games to build lifetime health skills, particularly in a community setting.

Please purchase the following required items to class; if you have a similar item you would like to substitute for any of the following, please contact Mrs. Oard:

  • Clothes appropriate for movement (tennis shoes and sweats/leggings/shorts that allow stretching and large range of motion) including sweatshirts during cold weather. We will often head outside for short durations, so please be prepared.

  • Pencil or pen and paper

  • Yoga mat, any color, $13 on Amazon (

  • Set of resistance tubes ($17-$22) (I recommend the second set if you want to use your bands for your fitness homework and beyond as I know they are durable. If you wish to have something less expensive that will really only last for this class, get the first item.)

        - $17 option on Amazon (

        - $22 option on Amazon (

  • Access to a smart phone, email, texting, and/or internet for regulated fitness accountability and/or homework activities

If you would like to delve into strength training, this can be applicable to our class. This is something that can be determined after we have begun class, and it is completely optional. This is something that I can help you learn if you are interested.

Some optional items would be the following:

  • Pair of kettlebells. I recommend 15 lbs., but that depends on your fitness level and experience. Price varies by weight option (

  • Dumbbells. You really can do a lot with just a few, but a good place to start would be some adjustable dumbbells (a bit pricier) or these popular softbells. 15 lbs. is a good place to start, depending on your fitness level and experience.

yoga mat.jpg
bands 17.jpg

$17 Set

bands 22.jpg

$22 Set


Optional: Kettlebell

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