We will be worshiping 2-3 songs daily to start off our morning and then do some copy-work of a bible verse during their morning work time.



We will be using our Language Arts Books during class. We will have the students bring their Language Arts books to class and we will work on our daily lessons. The lessons will thoroughly covers phonics, reading, writing, spelling, grammar, usage, punctuation and vocabulary. We will work on 2 lessons in class and then 3 lessons at home. I will be grading their completed work on Mondays in class.



We will be using our Simply Good and Beautiful Math in class. We will have the students bring their Math books to class and we will work on our daily lessons. We will work on 2 lessons in class and then 3 lessons at home. I will be grading their work on Mondays while in class.



All history courses (Years 1–4) cover ancient history through modern history, but each course stops in different places and time periods to explore in depth. Our testing has shown that it is effective for children to see the whole sweep of history and how it fits together each year. In addition, children enjoy this approach as they can become disengaged when a year-long course focuses on the same time period, especially when learning ancient history.



We use unit studies where we explore a topic with several lessons. This year we will be exploring the following health and safety units:

  • God Gave Me a Body

  • Home Alone

  • Kitchen and Cooking Safety

  • Internet and Peer Pressure

  • Fire Safety

  • Water and Electricity

  • Natural Disasters


We will also be exploring the following Earth and Life Science topics:

  • Volcanoes

  • Rocks

  • Landforms

  • Mammals


We will be exploring some read aloud books that go along with our History some of the books we will be able to explore are:

• Foo and Ching by Phyllis Ayer Sowers

• The Falcon of Eric the Red by Catherine Cate Coblentz

• The Mooring Tree by Gertrude Robinson

• The Story of Edith Cavell by Iris Vinton

These books are all published by The Good and the Beautiful Library and appeal to all ages—grades 1– 12.



We will be using the program called Reading A-Z which is a digital platform and is famous with educators for its extensive collection of leveled reading resources and can assess more easily to know where each student is at his or her own reading level. We will be using digital devices for 15 minutes during reading lab and the other 15 minutes we will be reading aloud together with in person books.


These games are all designed to keep our students active for the most amount of time possible, and really focus on ensuring that everyone student has a role to fill (so that there is very little potential for any students to be simply standing around). All of these games have been played (oftentimes over and over again!), by large groups of students, and all of these games will help to ensure constant fun, participation and activity.



We will have a delightful adventure in art once a week. Lessons will introduce children to the vocabulary of art in innovative ways that produces clear understanding and encourage learners to apply the concepts to their own ideas and interests. Children paint with watercolor crayons, draw in oil pastels, and learn to cut and fold paper to make collage and standing forms.

Music with Mrs. Black

Music is a chance for every student to shine! With singing, movement, and some instruments, students will learn to appreciate music as well as begin to read and write in the languages of music. Students will participate in a Christmas program, as well as a public showcase at the end of the school year.

Spanish K-1

Students will begin learning Spanish through fun classroom activities and an at-home online program. The class will develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Integrated music will help students with vocabulary and fluency while encouraging the joy of singing.


Required Materials:

  • Taught in class and with Risas y Sonrisas online curriculum. Supplies and curriculum will be ordered in bulk by EMERGE, then families will reimburse the school.